Mirror images

Since her death in 2013, Cuchi White’s archives have been saved and collected for the cataloguing and inventory of her body of work. By enhancing the conditions of research and documentation, we are hoping to reconstruct the photographer’s path, presenting her pictures mirrored by history and the arts, and allowing the public access to this heritage of global interest.


Archives’ Contents

The Phototypes

Monochrome [1948-1958]
About 200 negatives of mostly medium format 120 mm

Coulour [1972-2002]
22 500 slides 135 mm
24 000 ektachromes ektachrome medium formats

Original Prints
About 1000 colour and cibachrome prints and a few monochrome ones.

Which totals to about 49 000 phototypes.

The Documentary Archives

Personal Library
Exhibitions’ Catalogues

Personal and Professional Archives (one thousand documents being inventoried):
Publishing receipts
Exhibitions’ invitations
Publishing or outreach contracts
Copyright statements
Press records
Official or identity documents
Family photographs